Printer Support Burlington

printer support burlingtonLike any other office tool, a printer can sustain damage. This can be caused by misuse, unforeseen technical issues, or divine providence. That’s why you’ll need printer support in Burlington. 

Are you searching for high-quality printer support in Burlington? Turn to NBM today. We are a company based in Burlington, MA that’s committed to providing world-class IT solutions. For over 30 years, NBM has been providing top-notch technological services, including printer support in Burlington.

Printer Solutions

NBM is your one-stop shop for all your needs, including printer support in Burlington. We are fully-authorized by leading brands, including Sharp, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, HP, and KIP. Our company offers excellent home and office equipment, such as high-standard plotters, scanners, and photocopiers. We also provide exceptional IT and software solutions, including printer support in Burlington.

NBM’s printer support in Burlington covers all types of printers including:

  • 3D printers
  • LED printers
  • Solid ink printers
  • Business inkjet printers
  • Dot matrix printers
  • Multi-function printers
  • Home inkjet printers
  • Laser printers

NBM’s solutions and printer support in Burlington also include in-house expertise for quick diagnosis and efficient solutions. Our company’s printer support in Burlington gives reliable answers to all your printers’ hardware issues and also boasts of swift turnaround time for repairs.

Print Services

NBM does not only provide printer support in Burlington but also offers excellently managed print services. Our company will consolidate everything for you, as well as streamline your printing process. We provide an all-inclusive cost per page program, free and comprehensive training, and ongoing monitoring to anticipate needs and track usage, as well as printer support in Burlington.

Most Common Issues That Needs Printer Support in Burlington

The following are the usual problems that are encountered by most printer owners and need printer support in Burlington: 

  • Your printer won’t function, or the queue won’t budge for your next print job.
  • Paper gets stuck inside the printer. Paper jams are one of printer owners’ worst nightmares.
  • Poor image quality, faded prints, and smudges are annoying printer problems too.

To resolve these issues, turn to NBM’s trusted printer support in Burlington and printer solutions. NBM’s printer support in Burlington can pinpoint any of the problems mentioned and give efficient remedies.

Printer support in Burlington will identify the best steps to troubleshoot any technical issues. NBM’s printer support in Burlington also helps you make sure you have the correct paper loaded in your printer and the right settings applied. Our team of experts on printer support in Burlington can also determine if those blurry images are simply caused by ink nozzle or print head problems.

Printer support in Burlington can also check for any wrinkled, misaligned, or misplaced paper in your printer’s tray. Our service experts will guide you on how to use the correct type and size of paper to be used in your print tasks. Printer support in Burlington can also assist you even in the simplest of tasks, such as removing and replacing your ink cartridges, setting up your printer’s wireless features, and selecting the correct quality and print settings.

If your printer’s too slow or isn’t working at all, the experts in printer support in Burlington have the skills to speed up and boost your printer’s capabilities. Contact our service staff at NBM for exceptional printer support in Burlington.

Get in Touch With Us for Quality Printer Support in Burlington

Make NBM your trusted technology company today! For over 30 years, our professionals have been providing exceptional services throughout New England. NBM has the leading experts in printer support in Burlington. Our professionals offer premium copier and printer solutions, including top-quality printer support in Burlington. We also offer managed IT services, mail solutions, software solutions, interactive displays, and other technological solutions.

Need printer support in Burlington? Get in touch with us today for immediate assistance. You can also schedule a product analysis or demonstration. Count on us for top-notch printer support in Burlington.

A Leading Technology Company

Technology has changed everyone’s way of life. Thanks to the advancement of electronics, it has been easier to have control over so many things. This is the reason why NBM exists—to provide leading edge technology. We’re a privately owned independent dealer for major technological brands in New England. We promote the use of electronics to make things better for everyone. 

We provide our clients with the latest technological advances. Our team of experts also offers IT services to companies across different markets, including the manufacturing, healthcare, legal, and non-profit industries.

Premium Technological Advances

We adhere to our commitment to providing world-class services to our consumers. We want to establish a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. Our company aims to supply the leading edge technological advances that would greatly satisfy the needs of our customers.

We are proud partners of the major technological brands in the business. This involves Sharp, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, KIP, HP, Dell, Lexmark, and FP Mailing Solutions.

  • Office Equipment Solutions

NBM offers the latest equipment to our commercial clients. We offer monochrome and multi-functional devices for all business applications. This includes printers, copiers, and other wide format technologies that will help meet all your business needs.

We also provide a full line of postage meters, folding or inserting equipment, and tabletop letter folding machines as well as envelope and address printers, and other mail equipment solutions. Our services also involve interactive whiteboards, digital display monitors, interactive display systems, and digital signage technology.

  • IT & Software Solutions

If you’re looking for a good IT service provider, we got you covered. NBM offers custom programs for any organization. We provide different companies with exceptional outsourcing services and support solutions for their internal staff. Our offerings ensure 24/7 monitoring, a fully staffed IT helpdesk, hardware and software consulting services, and more.

  • Print Services

NBM provides managed printing services. Our company consolidates your billing, optimizes asset utilization, and offers free consultations. This includes all-inclusive cost per page program, free and comprehensive training, and ongoing monitoring to anticipate needs and track usage.

Management Team

Our management team is composed of professionals who are very passionate about what they do. We have been providing exceptional services for over 30 years. This has given us the opportunity to foster good relationships with our clients. With NBM’s dedication to providing utmost service for the clients, we are tagged as an award-winning company in New England.


We are greatly honored to have been recognized for our proven customer satisfaction. Our company has received many accolades from different companies and industries, including:

  • Konica Minolta & Ricoh Receive BLI PRO Awards for 2019
  • 2017 Hyakuman Kai Elite Dealer
  • Konica Minolta Named to CDP A-List
  • NBM Named Elite Dealer by ENX Magazine
  • Platinum Level Service Provider for 2017
  • Sharp Receives BLI Highly Recommended and Reliability Certified Awards
  • Brand Keys Names Konica Minolta #1 in Customer Loyalty
  • Sharp Energy Star Award

These awards can attest to our commitment to providing excellent products and services to our clients. You can count on us to continuously strive to be better in what we do.


NBM doesn’t only focus on business. We also support initiatives about contributing something good for the following:

  • Community

Our company supports local charities and non-profit organizations. Giving back to our community is one of our company’s core values. The charities we support include Boys and Girls Club of America, Health Imperatives, and Newport Montessori.

  • Environment

We understand the importance of providing environment-friendly supplies. That’s why our products are Energy Star compliant. We believe that our multi-functional devices should contribute to environmental causes and help lessen our carbon footprint. Our manufacturers also have free recycling programs for our consumers.

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